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Global Mobility

Australian Immigration News: Visa for Innovation – The Global Talent Visa Program

Posted By Tax & Legal,
Overview The Global Talent Visa Program, also knowns as Global Talent Independent Program (GTI program) was launched by the Australian Government in November 2019 to offer a streamlined, priority...

Leaving Australia soon? What are the CGT issues you need to consider?

Posted By Tax & Legal,
Australian residents moving overseas or foreign residents who became Australian residents and are moving back to their home countries can trigger unexpected Australian Capital Gains Tax (CGT)...

Global Mobility FBT Checklist

Posted By Tax and Legal,
Use this simple checklist to determine whether you have a potential exposure to Fringe Benefits Tax.   Answering Yes to any of these means you will need to further explore your...

Global Mobility FBT Concessions Roadmap

Posted By Tax and Legal,
The following concessions and considerations roadmap will allow you to easily determine whether you are eligible for some of the FBT concessions available.     ...

2021 Fringe Benefits Tax Guide

Posted By Tax and Legal,
We understand Australian FBT rules can be complex. This year there is an added layer of intricacy as the Australian Tax Office (ATO) has released a number of concessions and rulings in response to...

R&D activities conducted for an associated foreign entity

Posted By A&A Tax & Consulting Team ,
Many overseas life science businesses often ask whether they can establish a presence in Australia to conduct research and development activities through a wholly-owned company and whether they are el...

Tougher Tax Penalties for Significant Global Entities

Posted By Cameron Allen,
Did you know that Significant Global Entities (SGEs) are subject to a range of additional compliance obligations including harsh penalties, such as, for example, an up to A$520,000 penalty for the...

Capital gains made by foreign beneficiaries of non-fixed trusts

Posted By Cameron Allen,
The ATO has issued its preliminary view in TD 2019/D6 on capital gains made by foreign beneficiaries of Australian non-fixed trusts (including discretionary trusts). Generally, a foreign...

Could your secondees create a ‘permanent establishment’?

Posted By A&A Tax Team ,
At A&A Tax Legal Consulting, our Global Mobility Tax team assists employers and employees plan and manage the tax implications of international secondments – whether they are moving to Australia...