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Facing pressure with confidence

Posted By A&A Tax Team  

Businesses today are facing more pressure than ever. The need to keep up with economic developments, the increasing complexity of regulations and compliance and growing competition all mean that to thrive, businesses must focus on efficiencies and optimising business activities.

Being agile and having confidence in crucial business information can give enterprises the competitive advantage, by allowing them to adapt and make decisions quickly, and implement business strategy without complication.

How can we help?

A&A recognises this and supports its clients with a range of solutions designed to make it easier to secure superior business outcomes.

The A&A team can help international assignees and their employers deal with Australian tax and employment visa matters. Assignees taking up employment here are subject to Australia’s comprehensive tax rules and employment visa requirements. Employees who are required to live away from their usual place of residence are also entitled to various benefits. Appropriate structuring of such benefits as part of the compensation package can result in significant tax savings. We can assist assignees and their employers in identifying Australian tax planning opportunities, reviewing tax equalisation policies and provide compliance services regarding Australian tax filing requirements.

A&A can assist with matters such as:
• pre-arrival procedures
• employment visas
• tax charges including income and other taxes
• employee stock plans and compensation
• benefits
• expatriate concessions
• relief for foreign taxes
• deductions
• tax returns & compliance
• tax equalisation / tax protection structuring
• payroll and shadow payroll implementation
• government benefits and rebates